Your deposit will guarantee your date & time for your painting experience. Without a deposit your desired date and time cannot be guaranteed. It is completely refundable as long as your painting experience is cancelled at least 10 business days prior to your scheduled experience. If you cancel within 9-5 business days prior you will receive 50% of your deposit. Anything cancelled in less than 5 business days, will forfeit the deposit.

This policy also holds true for individual payments of canvases. Also, a deposit or monies for a canvas will not be refunded if event starts more than 30 minutes late or goes over the allotted class time by 30 minutes or more due to the host or guests being late.

No Shows that have paid for a pre-sketched canvas will not receive a refund or credit. No Shows for a canvas that has not been pre-sketched will receive a credit for a future experience to use within 90 days.

The deposit can be applied towards the balance as long as everything written in our policy has been satisfied.

Paying the deposit serves as a signature of understanding of this policy. If there is no deposit made, the date and time are not guaranteed. Once you have chosen MOSAIC Moon we will send you an invoice for the deposit.