Painting in this Pandemic...

  • No minimum amount of painters

  • No Deposit

  • This is one of the safest and fun activities that you can do.


  • All art materials are supplied.
  • We wear masks.
  • Our materials are sanitized.
  • We will need to use your sink for water.
 You supply your refreshments.   We supply your fun!
  • Need something entertaining to do?
  • Don't Panic, just Paint!
  • Give your mind a break.
  • Give us a call​ or a text at 404 994 0515
  • Choose your art @ our Gallery tab
  • Pay $35 per painter (non-refundable) 12x16 canvas
  • Pay $25 for Kids(5-16) (non-refundable) 11x14 canvas
  • Total must be paid 1 week prior to your paint day.
  • $25 travel fee up to 30 minutes(non-refundable unless cancelled at least two weeks in advance) $5 for every    10 minutes thereafter.
                               Starting point is Atlanta 30331
Me with East Indian Kids:Unicorn.jpg