Venue Partnership

Advertise at No Cost to You

Providing entertainment to your guests and bringing in new customers costs money. Partnering with MOSAIC Moon Pop-Up Painting Experience won't cost you a dime!

Increase food and beverage sales

Our painters will order drinks and food. Depending on your prices that could be hundreds of additional dollars in sales in the time it takes us to paint

(about 2 hrs).

How wiIl MOSAIC Moon Pop-Up Painting Experiences benefit my business?

  • FREE advertising!

  • Increased food and beverage sales!

  • Increased foot traffic

  • Our guests can become your regular customer

Increase Foot Traffic

We will drive business to your restaurant. We are connected to hundreds of potential customers in your area. We will market our events through social media and print advertising.

Create Regular Customers 

Restaurants thrive on their regular, recurring business. Our paint parties give your customers another reason to choose your restaurant over another! Engage your guests in a new way!


We ask that our presence in your restaurant is added to all of your social media and website pages. We'll do everything else leading up to and on the day that we are scheduled to paint at your venue.

We will:

  • Host public painting events in restaurants from April - August and on special request dates

  • Promote the event on social media 

  • Set-up, manage, and break down after the painting is over

  • Provide an exceptional guest experience while promoting your venue and products to assist with maximum profit and repeat business.

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