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M - Maintaining the 
O - Onus of
S - Synergy
A - Authenticity and 
 I - Independence in our
C - Communities

   Family owned and operated, 5 years and counting.

Sabrina & Yaya Player


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The Moon in our MOSAIC is after the late Louis Armand "Moon" Player. A great husband, father, son, brother, artist, educator and coach. He lost his battle with brain cancer...we honor him.


We are not just another Paint and Sip business. We make painting an experience! We love popping up all over and teaching recreational art. We absolutely love bringing this fun,unique, decompressing activity to corporations, team building events, restaurants, homes, places of worship, senior residences, businesses, schools, sororities, fraternities and more. 

We are known for our excellent customer servicecreativity, fun and unique way of teaching several pieces of art at the same time! 

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