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 Our FUNdraisers...
  • Paint

  • Raise $$$

  • Have Fun

It's Our Way of Giving Back!

Our FUNdraisers are unique, fun, and profitable for you. We'll set up a painting event at your venue of choice and run it from start to finish so that you can focus on having fun. The best part is that your Cause receives $5 - $15 for every ticket sold. 

We Deliver Fundraisers: $42 per painter.

Virtual Fundraisers Via Zoom: $55 (includes shipping) Painting Package.

Drop Offs: Local customers, can save on shipping, by using this service. All Paint Packages would

be dropped off at one location. Travel fee for drop off service starts at $35 and up, based on the mileage.

Our minimum amount of painters is 20. The more participants you have, the more money you will raise for your Cause:

20 + painters = $5 per person

26 - 49 painters = $10 per person

50+ painters = $15 per person

Our FUNdraisers are great for College Funding, Places of Worship, Sororities, Fraternities, Athletic programs, Non-Profits, Scholarship Programs, Schools, Family Reunions and much more...

There are no group rates for our FUNdraisers.
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