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 Our FUNdraisers...
  • Paint

  • Raise $$$

  • Have Fun

It's Our Way of Giving Back!

Our FUNdraisers are unique, fun, and profitable for you. We'll set up a painting event at your venue of choice and run it from start to finish so that you can focus on having fun. The best part is that your Cause receives $5 - $15 for every ticket sold. 

We Deliver Fundraisers: $42 per painter.

Virtual Fundraisers Via Zoom: $55 (includes shipping) Painting Package.

Drop Offs: Local customers, can save on shipping, by using this service. All Paint Packages would

be dropped off at one location. Travel fee for drop off service starts at $35 and up, based on the mileage.

Pick Up: Customers also have the option to schedule a Pick Up at our studio in the WestView area at no charge.

Our minimum amount of painters is 20. The more participants you have, the more money you will raise for your Cause:

20 + painters = $5 per person

26 - 49 painters = $10 per person

50+ painters = $15 per person

Our FUNdraisers are great for Places of Worship, Sororities, Fraternities, Athletic programs, Non-Profits, Scholarship Programs, Schools, Family Reunions and much more...

There are no group rates for our FUNdraisers.
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